Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Travel Tips

Heading out of town for the long weekend? Don't forget to feed your body.

* CAR TRIPS--Car travel can be stressful with kids in the back seat. Consider packing plenty of nutritious foods in your Laptop Lunches so you won't be forced to stop at convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Laptop Lunches are economical, convenient, and fit nicely on your lap!

* IN THE AIR--If you're not crazy about airline food, or if your airline has stopped providing meals altogether, consider packing a Laptop Lunch with your own nutritious meals and snacks instead of picking up an overpriced fast food meal at the airport. Before your return flight, pack it full of nutritious treats or fresh salads. You'll be happy you did!

* TWO FOR ONE--Restaurant portions can be huge! If you find yourself eating out more often when you're on the road, remember that there's only one reward for being a member of the clean plate club--added pounds! When you eat out, take your Laptop Lunch and fill it with the leftovers instead of asking for a disposable box. Store it in the refrigerator overnight. You won't have to make (or buy!) lunch the next day. And you'll have one less disposable container to feel guilty about.

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