Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftovers

By: Marcus Boardman, Shipping Manager

In my opinion there is no better packed lunch then the ones that are packed in the week following Thanksgiving. Not only do we get to indulge in our favorite comfort foods for a night, but typically there are also PLENTY of leftovers. Normally in my family we would cover leftover dishes in foil at the end of the night and refrigerate. This works fine with turkey and potatoes, but gravy gets weird, fruit salad goes soggy, and stuffing can dry up. For these foods, I recommend lidded salad bowls, or our extra large containers (it doesn’t add much time to fruit salad, but you get a day extra, at least). Freezing gravy keeps it perfect for re-use. Just heat in a sauce pan, or hot water. If you are having fruit salad (that is just fresh fruit, no marshmallows!) freeze the left overs as well to make awesome ready-to- go smoothies. Just add water, milk or yogurt and pop it all in the blender.

My favorite thanksgiving lunches to pack are "Thanksgiving sandwiches" which consist of everything you've got left over piled on biscuits or your favorite bread, and "Thanksgiving sundaes" which consist of all your leftovers layered in a big bowl.

While some of us get to indulge in this holiday, many people out there don’t (especially with times as tough as they are). Take time to think about people you may know that may need a little something extra this season, and see what you can do. A packed meal, or invitation to join your family for a meal can be a huge step in making someone’s holiday season a little brighter. Happy Holidays!

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