Sunday, September 27, 2009

Schools promote waste-free lunches

By Karen Ann Cullotta
Special to Tribune Newspapers
September 27, 2009

In the lunchroom at Stowe Elementary School in Duluth, Minn., forlorn piles of half-eaten sandwiches and bruised bananas are transformed from trash to treasure.

Instead of tossing their uneaten school lunch scraps in the garbage bin, Stowe students donate their leftover fruits and vegetables to the school's worm compost. Items that aren't as compost-friendly, such as breads and potatoes, are donated to area farmers, who feed the free and tasty slop to their pigs.

"Knowing it won't all be going into a landfill feels good," said 10-year-old Bradley MacDougall, a fifth-grader at Stowe. "Most of the kids at our school are pretty good about it."

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