Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lunch Box

By Brenda Layman

Lunch on the go can be as tasty and nutritious as a home-cooked and served meal. Busy students and employees don’t have to depend on fast-food and cafeteria fare. With a bit of planning, lunches brought from home can make that midday break something special.

Convenient containers and insulated carriers allow greater versatility than ever when it comes to carrying food. Changing up the lunch routine with bountiful brown bag repasts or tempting lunch box fare provides healthier diets along with more enjoyable and cost-conscious eating.

The best meals on the go meet certain criteria. They are nutritious, convenient, appropriately portioned, and appetizing. Instead of buying fast food, which can be expensive and high in fat, sodium, and calories, folks can control the quality of home-packed foods. It’s easier to ensure that foods prepared at home are kosher, organic, or locally grown.

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