Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bowl of Cherries

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* Fresh Cherries
* Cucumber Slices
* Dill Dipping Sauce
* Raw Almonds
* Cherry Tomatoes

Preparation Notes

Cherries are in season! All winter we look forward to this time of year--when more and more fresh fruit becomes available locally and the colors in our lunchboxes really come to life.

Drop a handful of cherries into a large container.

Peel and slice the cucumbers.

Pour some dill dipping sauce into the dip container.

Scoop some almonds into a medium container.

Add a handful of cherry tomatoes to a medium container.


  1. It would be a nice snack but not enough for a lunch.

  2. Thanks for helping me to think outside the protein box. My six-year-old is starting to not want to eat much meat, cheese, etc and school/camp lunches have been hard. I bet he'd LOVE a big handful of nuts in his box.