Friday, October 22, 2010

What’s Your Bento Lifestyle? We Want to Know!

We’re still buzzing with excitement about our recently redesigned website, especially the addition of our new Bento Lifestyle pages! We created these pages with all of the members of our community in mind -- students who bring lunches to school, adults who pack Laptop Lunches for work, families who take bento box meals when they’re out and about, diners who pack take out food in our reusable bento containers, and everyone else who has made the choice to live the bento lifestyle!

New Bento Box Lifestyle Web Pages

Whether you use your bento box to pack healthy, waste-free meals for School, Work, Play, Travel, Take Out, or anywhere else your life takes you, we have a Lifestyle page for you. Each Lifestyle page offers relevant information and tips about how you can use your Laptop Lunches bento box. Plus, our Top Picks gallery makes picking the right bento box a breeze! For each lifestyle, we’ve got pictures of Laptop Lunches bento options, pricing information, and direct links to our online store.

Check Out These Bento Box Lifestyle Pages:
To access our new Lifestyle pages when you visit the site, simply go to and click on any of the Lifestyle headings beneath the Good. Simple. Fun. animation box.

Share Your Bento Box Stories

We want to know… What bento lifestyle are you? How are you using YOUR Laptop Lunches? Post your comments here!


  1. My family uses our bentos every day! We take them to work for lunch and my son loves his for school! It makes lunch-making so easy!

  2. I've been bentoing for 3 years now, thanks in large part to my laptop lunchbox. I am the envy of all I see.

  3. I just ordered my bento lunch box. I have been recently diagnosed with celiac disease and the safest thing for me is to pack my own food where ever I go! I am a graduate student. :)