Friday, March 4, 2011

Preparing Ourselves for Vegan Week

Beginning Monday morning, the staff members of Laptop Lunches® will officially become vegans for the week as part of our first in a series of weeklong challenges. Each month, we will announce that month's challenge and dates in our newsletter in hopes that you'll join us as we venture outside of our comfort zones.

Our challenge series was inspired by a recent episode of Oprah in which Oprah and members of her staff decided to go vegan for a week. Their results were pretty amazing and, yes, inspiring. Check out the following link: to learn more about their challenge and to get some great information and tips about becoming vegan. We really hope you will join us and look forward to swapping stories with you.

While the majority of the Laptop Lunches® team looks forward to learning more about the vegan lifestyle, we're also feeling a little bit nervous... What are we going to eat?

We've downloaded the vegan shopping list from Oprah's site but the idea of putting together actual meals is a bit daunting. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to chime in... Living a busy lifestyle, one staff member is worried that she'll be at such a loss over what to make and how to make it that she'll end up eating stir fry and salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

In addition to concerns over what we will be eating, the elimination of cheese from our diets is the talk of the office. Well, that and the large stack of cookies sitting on our kitchen counter. Hopefully the cheese and cookies will take a back seat to the fruits, veggies, whole grains and unprocessed foods we'll be replacing them with.

Stay tuned and please be sure to share your stories and tips with us!

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