Friday, June 10, 2011

Having Fun Being Active

For this month's weekly challenge, we have been on the move! We've increased our daily exercise by 30 minutes and are feeling great! Although we are a busy bunch, we've found that increasing our activity level has been fairly easy to fit into our schedules by making small adjustments to our normal routines.
We've been challenging our dogs to power walks and hikes, riding our horses, tending to our gardens, deep cleaning our houses, and having dance parties with our toddlers!
Some staff members have also taken it a step further and have tried new exercises to amp up their regular routines. Power walking, stretching, running, lifting weights, and yoga have been some of the most popular of the traditional activities. In keeping with trying something new, a couple of us will be trying our first Bikram yoga class this weekend, so wish us luck!
This month's weekly challenge has been very enjoyable so far and has reminded us that being more active can be easy, fun and great for those around us. We are all looking forward to an active weekend and hope you'll do the same!

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