Friday, July 23, 2010

Insulated Bento Lunch Box Sets and Totes Available Now

bento lunch box sets
Don’t believe there’s a lunch box set that does it all? Prove yourself wrong by packing a bento meal with one of Laptop Lunches NEW bento lunch kits available today. If packing lunch each day for yourself and the kids is a tedious time-consuming task, check out Laptop Lunches’ stylish and handy bento lunch boxes. They are just what you need to take the pressure off!

Laptop Lunches bento kits are made with 10% recycled content and include totes made with 100% post-consumer recycled fabric. The lunch box totes have expandable front pockets to hold additional items, a drink holder in the zippered side pouch and come with an all-stainless fork and spoon set. Also, insulated lunch box totes with a design (Daisy, Stripes, & Plaid) are printed with soy ink.

New Bento Lunch Box Sets

The all-in-one bento lunch kit is compartmentalized and comes with a metal fork and spoon, as well as a fantastic little book chock full of creative lunch ideas. Just think: everything you need to pack a lunch the kids will brag about and your co-workers will envy, bundled into one bento lunch kit! The new insulated bento lunch box sets are cost-effective too since all of the components come in one package. They’re a great way to keep lunches fresh and crisp for hours.

New Insulated Lunch Box Totes

Already a bento fan? The insulated lunch box tote is the perfect accessory to complete the bento experience. With a variety of designs to choose from, the insulated bento tote will let you pack your classic bento set snuggly within to give it a new look. You can also pack your set of Bento Buddies directly in the tote without a surrounding hard-case bento box. Each insulated lunch tote boasts an expandable mesh pouch perfect for including a reusable water bottle, can be zipped flat when not in use, and has a sleek, compact, designer look.

Re-think Your Lunchbox: Which bento are you?

We hope you will take a moment to check out the new Laptop Lunches bento lunch box designs today!

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