Monday, July 5, 2010

July Travel Bento

This Week's Photo


* Hard-boiled Eggs
* Fresh Strawberries
* Pretzel Sticks
* Steamed Green Beans

Preparation Notes

Traveling this summer? Remember to pack a bento so you won't have to settle for fast food or overpriced on-the-go meals. Here's one example for keeping it simple, delicious, and fun. And don't forget to use your bento box as a reusable take-out or "doggy bag" container when you're out seeing the world!

Slice two hard-boiled eggs in half.

Cut some fresh strawberries.

Add a handful of pretzel sticks.

Steam and cut some fresh green beans.

From: July Travel Bento Lunchbox


  1. Looks great. I wish my son would eat fresh green beans. He prefers canned. Blah!

  2. Wow everything here look nice.I have backed up some photos on my account online with .I think i will have to show them to my son.His apatite will be so high for lunch to day.The bento box look great because for sure it makes everything look delicious.