Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Disposables Challenge Check In

The Laptop Lunches office is a green office, so this month's challenge to avoid disposables sounded like a breeze... but then life happened and we took the time to really notice the unnecessary waste that was creeping in.

Without even thinking about it, one of our greenest staff members showed up Monday morning with a disposable coffee cup and energy bar. A weekend camping trip left another staff member feeling like they had to really play catch up to compensate for the disposable paper towels and tableware that played a key role in their trip. Speaking of paper towels... one member of our office confessed to their secret reliance on them due to a dish towel phobia!

Although this seems pretty negative, these are the only negative tidbits that I've gotten word of so far and we have learned from them. So far, this challenge has opened our eyes to the little things that can be easily overlooked but that can also really add up. Being waste free requires being prepared and actively aware of our actions and the effects of those actions.

Although working through the dish towel phobia will take some time, we are back on track and looking forward to not having to empty our kitchen trash can or recycling container this week!

Please let us know how you are doing and feel free to share your stories and tips with us.

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