Friday, April 22, 2011

No Disposables Challenge Recap

We made it! Another weekly challenge has been completed and we're feeling pretty good about how it went.
Through this challenge we learned to be much more aware of our disposables and realized that a real effort has to go into avoiding waste completely.
In addition to becoming aware of our own waste, we have been happy to see how much being waste free has gone mainstream. Rather than being met with funny looks when asking that our take out and left overs be placed in our reusable containers, most servers have responded very positively. One local pizza restaurant even gave us complimentary fountain drinks since we brought our own containers in. This is a far cry from the days when using reusable grocery bags felt like a weird thing to do!
It's been great to take notice of how far our community has come in reducing waste as well as to learn and grow from our mistakes. The truth is that most of us were not completely disposable free this week, but I'm sure this challenge will decrease our reliance on disposables and helps us all be more aware of our actions in the future.

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