Friday, May 6, 2011

Taking a Break

Have you read the research that's come out regarding sitting all day? If not, you can learn more here.
The bottom line is that sitting all day is very bad for our health, so this month we're challenging ourselves to take a 10 minute break every day. During our 10 minutes, we can go for a walk, stretch out, nap, meditate, or just about anything else we can think of other than sitting at our desks.
Although this may sound simple and breaks are always encouraged in the Laptop Lunches office, actually taking 10 minutes to get away on a daily basis can be difficult for just about anyone and doing so at all is a foreign concept to some of us, so this will be a challenge.
We're looking forward to getting started on Monday and hopefully feeling more energized and productive throughout the week! As always, we encourage you to join us and look forward to hearing what everyone is doing during their breaks.

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