Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mis-matched Sets are Back in Stock

Our cartons of 24 mis-matched sets are back in stock for only $312 per box of 24! They're great for schools, clubs, birthday parties, and more. Here's what one customer has to say:

"As far as I'm concerned, the Laptop Lunch set is THE birthday gift. To make it more affordable, I purchased one of your cartons of mis-matched sets. Whenever my daughter receives a birthday invitation, we look through the box to find the right set for that person. The price of $13 each makes the gift affordable, and the kids (and parents!) love them. Thanks so much for making these available!"

What are mis-matched sets?

From time to time we end up with "extra" containers in combinations that, if assembled, would not equate to full sets of pink, periwinkle, red, primary or whimsical. Instead of recycling them, we assemble them into these "mis-matched" sets, which are a combination of colors from all of our bento set options. We are currently offering these unique sets of 24 to our online customers for a flat price of $312.00. (This item is ONLY available in boxes of 24--WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.)

More information can be found at http://secure.laptoplunches.com/AMAZING/itemdesc.asp?ic=6000000&eq=&Tp=.

NOTE: COLORS VARY. The above photo shows only one of the many possible color combinations. (Placemat not included.)