Thursday, July 30, 2009

Insulated Bento Sleeves on Sale!

We're running a special on our insulated bento sleeves this week. They're normally $14.99, but they're on sale for only $11.99 through Tuesday, August 3rd. Pack your Laptop Lunches bento set inside this sleeve for use inside your backpack, brief case, or book bag. Comes with an ice pack.

"My son came home from school on the first day of 6th grade and announced that he would no longer be toting a lunchbox to school. Seems that lunchboxes were suddenly out, and backpack lunches were in. I had been packing healthy lunches in his Laptop Lunchbox for three years and wasn't ready to stop! I love packing lunches this way, and the containers still look brand new. At first I was at a total loss, but then I remembered seeing the bento sleeves on your Web site. I ordered one, and it works like a charm. I get to pack healthy lunches for him, and he gets to eat lunch from his backpack! Thanks for this great idea!"

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