Friday, January 7, 2011

Almond Butter and Bananas

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If you're facing a stressful day at school or work, this is the lunch for you. Bananas play a starring role in this meal and their unique make up will help boost your energy, reduce your stress level and lighten your mood. All that and you get lemon cookies for dessert! How could your day not turn out great?


Almond Butter and Banana Sandwich
Steamed Broccoli
Ranch Dressing
Lemon Cookies

Preparation Notes

Spread almond butter on both halves of a whole wheat English muffin. Thinly slice half a banana up and add to the muffin. Put your sandwich and the second half of the banana in your extra large container.

Steam broccoli crowns and add to one of the medium containers.

Fill the dip container with ranch dressing and add it to the extra large container to enjoy your broccoli with.

Fill your other medium container with your favorite lemon cookies.

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