Thursday, May 21, 2009

Laptop Lunch User's Guide Giveaway

Looking for a free copy of The Laptop Lunch User's Guide?

Lori Babineaux, the Book Lady, is giving away three of them on her blog at Here's an excerpt from her Earth Day blog post:

"These things [Laptop Lunches] are wonderful. The goal of the organization, which was started and is run by some concerned moms, is to reduce the waste caused by all of the "throw away" containers used for kids school lunches. That is a goal worth supporting, in my opinion."

Even better than the goal, though, in my opinion is the boxes themselves. they are colorful, compact, well designed and fun. My husband takes lunch to work every day. Before our laptop lunches bento box, we used 5-6 sandwich sized disposable zip top bags per day, or one box of 100 per month...[Now] there is absolutely no waste in this box, nothing to throw away. I love this!"

While the boys and I don't work or go to school every day, I did get boxes for us, too. We travel at least once a week during the lunch hour and these are so nice for packing a lunch that we can either picnic at the park or that the guys can eat while I drive. And I love that they eliminate the temptation to run through the drive thru or buy "lunchables" type products, eliminating both expenses and waste."

Thanks, Lori, for the great review!

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