Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top Green Back to School Tips

Get off to a Good Green Start

Before hitting the malls or online shops in search of green back to school gear, plan out your day (and your year) at school, and ask yourself some questions. Are you really going to ride your bike enough to warrant buying a new set of wheels? Are you going to be diligent enough about bringing your lunch each day (or most days) to require a new lunchbox or other reusable vessel? Do you really need a new ruler (the measurements haven't changed over the summer, you know) or a package of 68 pens? Make a list of what you absolutely know you need, what you think you might need, and what you want, and carefully consider which items go in which section of the list. Once your list is made, it's time to...

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  1. http://familyfun.go.com/games/healthy-fun/feature/ff0909-5-ways-to-pack-a-healthier-lunch/ff0909-5-ways-to-pack-a-healthier-lunch.html?CMP=NLC-NL_Wkdr_0826_lunches_and_snacks

    Nice mention in the link above (sent to my inbox via a Family Fun email)