Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Watermelon Fresca and Greek Yogurt Popsicles ~ submitted by Lauren Pierini

This refreshing and light Healthy Dessert Recipe submission is perfect for a Summer Potluck or afternoon snack!


2 cups cubed Watermelon
6-8 Mint Leaves
1 Lime, squeezed
Plain Greek Yogurt
Tajin Spices


Using a blender or food processor, mix together the Watermelon cubes, Cucumber and Mint Leaves. When the mix is thoroughly blended into a slush, pour through a fine strainer, catching the liquid in bowl. Squeeze the juice of one Lime into the bowl of Watermelon Fresca.

Pour the Watermelon Fresca into Popsicle molds till they are half full. Place the first layer in your freezer and allow it to freeze completely. Once the first layer has fully frozen add the Greek yogurt to the second half of the Popsicle mold and allow it to also fully freeze.

Serve with a dash of Tajin spices for an extra delicious kick!


  1. YUM! Can't wait to try this over the summer!

  2. Oh my.... this. sounds. amazing!!!

  3. Mmmm perfect for the warm weather we are having out here in CA!

  4. This sounds sooo refreshing...can't wait to try it out!