Thursday, December 9, 2010

Festival of Lights Bento

Today's Holiday Photo

As the Jewish Festival of Lights comes to a close, we decided to get creative with this menorah-inspired bento lunch. We hope you enjoy this festive bento as much as we did. Happy Holidays!


Cream Cheese and Lox Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread
Swiss and Cheddar Cheese "Candles"
Dried Cranberries and Cucumber Peel
Cinnamon Rice Pudding
Orange Slices

Preparation Notes

Smear softened cream cheese onto a piece of whole wheat bread and top with fresh lox.

Get creative. Since we were in the holiday spirit, we dressed up our sandwich with candles and flames made out of Swiss and cheddar cheese. The candle base is decorated with dried cranberries and peeled cucumber.

Make cinnamon rice pudding for your medium lidded container. We used this healthier version:

Add orange slices to your remaining medium container.

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