Monday, December 6, 2010

Healthy Holiday Bento Lunch

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A healthy, well-balanced lunch is a great way to enjoy the season’s treats without completely overdoing it. We packed this bento lunch using some of the healthier items left over from our recent gathering, which made putting it together a breeze and left us feeling ready to take on the rest of our day.


•Deviled Eggs
•Cherry Tomatoes
•Carrot Stars
•Black Plum

Preparation Notes

Make deviled eggs for a weekend party and put a coupe aside for lunch. Pack the deviled eggs in your large inner container along with a bento divider filled with cherry tomatoes.

Pack a couple slices of crostini in your other large container.

Use your star cutter to make fun carrot stars and put into one of your medium containers.

Pack a black plum in your other medium container.

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