Friday, December 17, 2010

Swiss Cheese Snowman

Today's Holiday Photo

What better way to brighten a cold winter's day than with Frosty, the Swiss cheese sandwich? We hope this holiday bento will remind you to join in on the fun this season has to offer.


Swiss Cheese Snowman Sandwich
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Striped Apple Sticks
Cranberry Relish

Preparation Notes

Make a Swiss cheese sandwich and cut it into the shape of a snowman. Put your snowman in your extra large bento container using part of the crust as the ground for your snowman to stand on. To decorate your snowman, cut olives out for the eyes and buttons. Use pieces of wild rice to create a mouth. Cut out a carrot nose and use red pepper to create a scarf as well as eye highlights. Top your snowman off with a cucumber peel hat and then use a micro planer to finely grate Swiss cheese to create a snow fall in your bento.

Cube and roast sweet potatoes with your favorite herbs and spices. Once cool put into one of your medium containers.

Cut an unpeeled apple into sticks and use a paring knife to cut stripes onto your sticks and add to your other medium container. You can also use one of your sticks as your snowman's broom.

Fill your dip container with cranberry relish from a recent holiday celebration

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