Monday, December 27, 2010

Organic Cotton Napkins Now Available at

We’ve just added some brand new 100% organic cotton napkins to our Web Store at Available in a rainbow assortment of colors, they’re the perfect addition to your Laptop Lunches bento lunch box!

These new Laptop Lunches organic cotton napkins are a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. Replace your disposable napkins with colorful cloth napkins to add an instant touch of elegance to all of your on-the-go bentos! These organic cloth napkins are not only the perfect size for packing with your Laptop Lunches, but they’re machine washable too.

Select your favorite organic cotton napkin from our eight color options or choose a few to complement your bento set or carrier:

Avocado Organic Cotton Napkin
Brick Red Organic Cotton Napkin
Lime Organic Cotton Napkin
Magenta Organic Cotton Napkin
Orange Organic Cotton Napkin
Periwinkle Organic Cotton Napkin
Plum Organic Cotton Napkin
Purple Organic Cotton Napkin

Organic Cotton Napkin Features:

• Environmentally friendly
• Brightly colored
• Doubles as a placemat

Dimensions for Organic Cloth Napkins:

• 10” square

Cloth Napkin Materials:

• 100% soft organic cotton

Add a new cloth napkin to your lunch and feel good about indulging yourself with an eco-friendly choice! What are some of the other steps you take to make your healthy meals more eco-friendly? Leave a comment to let us know!

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